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Para memória futura - Portugal nos anos 90 foi pioneiro no e-Gov e esteve entre os melhores do mundo

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Centrelink of Australia, the Public Counter in the Netherlands, and Infocid of Portugal are examples of countries dealing with issues of access and organization before offering transactional services. Infocid presents services horizontally through kiosk and the Internet. Portugal has emphasized equal access in service
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Infocid is one of the pioneers of horizontal presentation of services, making services available through many means (Internet, and especially kiosks). Its services are mostly informational in nature and are not yet transactional.

The Portuguese have approached integrated service delivery from the bottom up. The site was developed and is maintained by all government agencies. Infocid has more than 50 partners spanning all government departments. The usual stumbling blocks of bureaucratic territorialism and inter-departmental rivalry made the horizontal integration of Infocid especially difficult. Rather than focusing on transactional services, Inoficd developers focus on intergovernmental management, learning how to work across organizational boundaries.

Instead of being driven by the technology, Infocid strives to be accessible to all, through the Internet and through kiosks. Kiosks are spread throughout the country and tailored to the specific local needs of citizens. The ultimate goal of Infocid is to provide one window to citizens, where citizens can reach services and information at one place. In the near future, Infocid envisions multi-service kiosks, which would be accessible to all citizens and offer transactional services like bill payments. Though that goal has yet to be reached, Infocid stands as an excellent example of integrated service delivery.

Infocid lists as their interactive services as:
  • A general directory of public institutions
  • Election results
  • Case simulation including tax and subsidies calculation
  • Rural tourism.

Portugal foi pioneiro no e-Gov desde 1989 e mesmo em 1999 estava entre os melhores do mundo:

  • Access America
  • Australia - Centrelink
  • Berlin, Germany -
  • Bremen, Germany - Bremen On-line
  • Helsinki, Finland – Virtual Helsinki
  • Netherlands – Public Counter
  • Ontario, Canada - ServiceOntario
  • Portugal - Infocid
  • Singapore - e-Citizen Centre
  • Tyrol, Italy - South Tyrol Citizen Network
  • Victoria, Australia - maxi
  • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - City of Victoria Home Page
  • Vienna, Austria - wienonline

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